Bunratty industrial vehicle safety 360° 3D

The Mobility Orientation Law was published almost a year ago. Among its many provisions, one of the most important is the obligation to affix stickers on lorries to warn other road users of blind spots. Transport operators are expressing their dissatisfaction with the use of an inappropriate term by quoting the words "blind spot".
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Capture caméra 360

BUNRATTY the third eye for drivers

While heavy goods vehicles have been displaying red and yellow stickers since the beginning of 2021 to warn of the danger of blind spots where the driver's visibility is impaired, this is not yet the case with light commercial vehicles, where the driving constraints are much the same as with heavy vehicles. The solution is the installation of cameras and presence detectors. One of the solutions is the 360° 3D vision directly from a screen installed in the driver's seat. This is the proposal of Bunratty Bodyguards, a family-owned company, a pioneer in the "driver's assistance for industrial vehicles" market, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020.
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