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Radar and camera solutions for your lorries, commercial and light vehicles, buses, public works machines, forklift trucks....

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A pioneer for over 20 years in the design of radar and camera kits for industrial and commercial vehicles, we provide you with our expertise and know-how, from the nature of your requirements right through to installation and after-sales service.

Over the years, BunrattyBodyguards has developed a wide range of radars and cameras specifically designed for industrial vehicles, constantly renewing its products to offer you new and innovative products to best meet the needs of your business.

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– Expertise to offer you the right product for your business and your needs. – Development of new products with our in-house R&D department to meet your future needs. All our products in stock in France. – 24-hour delivery on all products in stock. – Installation by our trained installers. – Technical service to assist you with your installations. – Highly responsive after-sales service within 24 hours. – Spare parts available in stock for all our products. – Installation and user manuals

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