This microwave radar technology allows trucks to detect cars, motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians in blind spots.

1) The radar is mounted under the chassis or at the rear of the tractor cab. It inspects an area 4 metres wide at the side of the vehicle and 15 metres long from the front of the vehicle to the rear.

If a cyclist is in the area covered by the radar, the driver is immediately warned by an acoustic and visual signal. (See diagram 1 below)

2) If the radar is installed at the rear of the chassis; this allows the driver to know if he can overtake a vehicle without having blind spots, and more importantly, the interior light will tell him if it is safe to turn back into his lane. This avoids the headlights of the overtaking truck. (See figure 2 below.)

Contents of the kit Power cabling
2 sensors
2 sensor beams
2 indicator leds
1 buzzer
1 instruction manual
20 colliers
2 x 3m stickers
Diagram 1: on the cabin
Figure 2: HOLDER

Technical specifications

System configuration
Detection radius accuracy
Max. detection range
Alert accuracy
IHM (Interface Homme-Machine)
IP rating
Power consumption
Using voltage
Using temperature
Storage temperature
2pcs Radar sensors, 2pcs LED indicators, 1pc Buzzer
± 0.25m (Typical)
Camion: 0.3m~15m, Voiture: 0.3m~15m, Motorcycle: 0.3m~10m, Piéton: 0.3m~7m
Voiture: ≥98%, Motorcycle: ≥95%, Piéton: ≥95%
Level 1: LED stays on, Level 2: LED flashes and beep
≤ 100m1@12VDC
-40°C ~ +85°C
-40°C ~ +85°C